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No Middle East peace process has. Instead, like German Christian and off white hat Jewish theology, the various peace processes have served as a cover for Israel's continuing expansion. If there are any doubts remaining, think of what the latest peace process promises Israel  more or less all the Palestinian land Israel has taken plus a release from any and all historical claims against it. Think, then, of what the latest peace process promises Palestine  more or less everything it has yet to lose and a bar against raising any and all historical claims against Israel for its crimes against the Palestinian people. Did I leave out Christian anti-Semitism, the vital core of historic Christianity and the repentant variety of Christian Holocaust theology, as persistent and ardent enablers of the need for, birth and expansion of the state of Israel? 

And if all is seen as corrupt, even and especially our confession and repentance, if all is hiding and the constant search for shelter from the storms of our history and desires, where is the place of turning? This raises another haunting question: Has my complicity as a Jew inadvertently confirmed the absolute fall that Luther preached so insistently panama hat womens and violently? Shall my end  our end  lead us to Luther, the sinfulness of everything under Luther's Two-Kingdom sun? The Biblical prophets are directly linked to God, though this connection is troubled and troubling. For after God's initial call, the prophet is often left on his own. So, too, the prophet's mission to Israel is fraught. In the main, God already knows that personalised hats God's call for repentance will largely go unheard. 

The promise of return to God and right relation to one another and the land is fated. Rescue is possible. Rescue is out of reach. The Jewish prophetic cannot go the route of rescue, politically, the contemporary Jewish prophetic is too brutally honest. Neither can it go the route of rescue, theologically, today's Jewish prophets would feel foolish calling on the Holocaust-absent God. If anything is certain it is that the prophet  and the prophetic  is on her own. God is not calling, commanding or accompanying the prophet, at least according to contemporary Jewish prophets. For some, this may seem an oversight, for how does a person sacrifice for justice absent a cause greater than self, one that is rooted in pink hat a transcendent reality? 

Whatever the theoretical constructs, the contemporary Jewish prophetic does not solicit resources outside of itself. For after the Holocaust and after Israel, how can one call on a God of justice without regressing to an infantilism that belies the struggle for a just world? Isaiah's shelter from the storm is scarcely to be found in the Jewish prophetic, especially when the prophetic is separated from God. Though, even when connected with God, the shelter the Biblical prophets' promise is so terrifying that Jews canonized the prophetic writings. Canonization of the prophets is a way of remembering by distancing the community from their traumatic force. But, then, are the contemporary Jewish "without rescue" prophets really any harsher in their critique than the ancient "with the remote possibility of rescue" prophets were? 

They refuse the safe confines of a nuclearized Jewish ghetto and choose instead exile among cultures and nations that formerly persecuted Jews and remain profoundly ambivalent about them. Moreover, by leaving Israel they transgress Jewish and Christian Holocaust theology that sees empowerment of Jews in Israel as the redemptive response to Jewish powerlessness that terminated in the Holocaust. Choosing instead to wander within and among the Other Nations, they are also alienated by their experience and language from traditional Diaspora Jews. Few Diaspora Jews want the real Israel at their doorstep. Like German Christians, Diaspora Jews prefer, indeed demand, an idealized version of Jewishness. Israeli Jews who have left Israel have little patience with the idealism vested in them.

Jewish politics in an innocent Israel has been taken over by the right-wing just as an innocent Germany was taken over during the Nazi era. To be sure, Germany lost its battle in the Nazi era but now that is being corrected. The German audiences listening to progressive pink wedding hat Israelis, chastened by their Nazi era loss, have righted their course and thus are once again innocent. Moreover, Germans today are struggling with progressive Israelis to right their course, thus Jews are innocent. How good it is for Germans and Jews to work together in a common struggle to recover/retain their mutual original innocence! But with the end of the two-state solution and without a positive one-state solution in sight, what are Germans and German Christians to do even with progressive Jews, Israelis and otherwise, who seek solidarity between, in [Bild: pink_wedding_hat-864zml.jpg] their minds, a chastened/innocent Germany and a beleaguered/innocent/wayward Israel?