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Downlight Covers factory
Downlight Mitt 2 Hour fire rated LED Downlight Cover
Downlight Mitt fire rated LED downlight cover with minimal ventilation to retrofit over existing LED recessed lighting products as well as small in-ceiling speaker products.
With LED lighting our covers provide:
● More breathing space than Tincan fire rating solutions.
● Allows more flexibility in the LED you can use, and a cheaper solution than complete Tincan LED fire rating solutions
● An install from below the ceiling up a 90mm cut-out
Also, check out the Loft Mitt fire rated downlight cover product via our comparisons guides for other Downlight Covers/Tin can fittings on the market, which do not have an up to 2-hour fire rating.
Introducing the Efficiency Matrix affordable downlight barrier product, the Downlight Mitt, which is a sealed downlight cover/in-ceiling speaker cover that can be retrofitted over existing LED fittings that must be IC Rated. Installed from below the ceiling, this cover includes a fire rating and sound proofing, and its material has a certified R-value for insulation.
This thermal image shows a fitting with no insulation around an installed Basic Mitt Downlight cover. The recessed luminaire was not turned on for 24 hours, and the outside temperature was 10˚C. The ambient temperature in the room was 22˚C. Insulation can now be installed right to the bottom of the downlight cover but not on top. As you can see, the cover is doing its job in insulating the fitting.
Key Features include:
1. A transformer holder.
2. Are made from a proven insulative material.
3. Sound proofing (enabling RW34 Sound Proof Rooms)
4. Fire Rated up to 2 hours (material expands towards a fire unlike other products)
5. Complies with Standard AS 1530 Part 4
6. Complies with Bush Fire Standard AS 3959 – outside Eaves and Pergolas
7. Installable from below the ceiling, together with an electronic transformer up to a 90mm hole, or a hole as small as 75mm when installing without the electronic transformer.
8. Reduced Draught effect when mounted on ventilated fittings
9. Ventilation for 50W Dichroic, ideally for use with non-ventilated fittings, for energy efficiency, but also usable with ventilated fittings in commercial applications, where sound proofing or a fire rating may be needed Downlight Covers factory

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