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Bio: Mezzanine Platform divides warehouse into two storey or three storey and get full use of vertical space.
The pre-fabricated work platform is mainly supported with square uprights or round uprights. King girder
and queen girder are made of 'H' type steel materials that are lain on the top of uprights insuring
stability of supporting to floor board. Each floor board is formed by rolling machine, high precision
and quite smooth walkway surface, simply assemble or disassemble. As per practical usage and actual
loading capacity the floor board surface will be applied with riffled plate, hollow out plate, grid
plate and glaze plate. Floor boards are combined with supporting girders by using interlock structure.
Goods are to be conveyed to the second or third floor by forklifts, lifts or staircases and then moved
to the pointed position by hand cart.
The platform system has much more advantages than traditional building, not only competitive cost but
easily install and dismantling as well. Moreover, the platform can be moved from one warehouse to another
and can be used for many applications such as storage, office space, work shop, retail back room,
rest room and so on.
Suitable for higher warehouse, light goods manual handling process and large storage capacity.
Ensures the fullest space utilization.
Floor board with high load capacity, low cost and quick construction. In common each square meter of floor
could bear loading capacity at 300kgs to 1000kgs.
Simply assemble and dismantle, no need to weld at its location. Total construction could be moved into
a new warehouse.
Each system is unique, it will be designed freely as actual space and requirement that meets customer’s
ideal storage solution.
Eco Racking is one of the professional prefabricated mezzanine floor platform and loft scaffolding and falsework manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over 20 years' experience, our factory is sure to offer you customized products with stable structure and good performance.Attic Rack Storage System manufacturers
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