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Location: http://www.beimon-chinas.com/
Bio: Beimon Trading, established in 2006, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of warp knitting fabrics and weaving fabrics in China, located in Yangtze River delta area, where the chinese textile industry is; it is also among Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, sharing the convenient transportation of raw material and finished goods.
Beimon has 60 employees and 2 factories, which are both located in Jiaxing city, cover an production area of 5000 sqm, equipped with 12 german Karl Mayer warp-knitting machines and 100 water-jet looms, mainly produces elastic mesh fabric, nylon/polyester spandex fabric, lycra fabric, organza and plain woven fabrics.
All of these fabrics are characterized as transparent, soft, light and comfort; they are widely used for garment, underwear, lingerie, legging, lady's dress, sportswear, wedding dress, decoration, etc.
Since establishment Beimon has been striving for producing fabrics of high quality, supplying our customer the newest fabrics with top quality and best service.semi-dull tulle fabric
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